Have a Custom Wig Created


1. How do you want your wig?

Use our easy-to-use tool to pick hair styles, lengths, colors, and more! Include reference pictures to inspire your stylist.

2. Stylists bid to work on your wig

Hundreds of experienced stylists on Wig Market can bid to work on your wig. They will specify price, shipping, and time estimates. You are notified via e-mail when new bids are made.

3. Choose a winner

Based on reviews, price, and other criteria, choose one stylist to work on your wig. Your payment is held by Wig Market until you receive your wig.

4. Stylist begins work

Keep in touch with your stylist, and ask for updates periodically. Your stylist may have additional questions regarding your preferences throughout the wig creation process.

5. Receive your wig!

You will receive a shipping notification when the stylist ships your finished wig. Once received, you will have 5 days to report any issues.

Now that you get the idea..

Start by specifying what you are looking for in a wig with our intuitive web tool.

Get quotes first. Pay when you decide on a stylist to work with.